The Attraction Switch Workshop English Thank you

You will learn…
• …proven exercises and a special walking technique from Japan. This helps you to keep your energy and stay fully present during the day.
• to develop an elegant and strong physical presence. To connect with your body and serve your clients and community even more powerful to be a rock of certainty and hope.
• …how to cultivate your feminine wisdom so you discover your true inner power. This helps you to gain EASILY your power back and to shine as a true female leader.
This if for you, if you want to…
• …feel energized and balanced. So you can hold space for others more easily and keep your energy high.
• …show up as a powerful leader for others. So you lighten up your life and those of who you serve.
• …develop a strong physical presence and body awareness. Posture Walking is an ideal daily body trainig method to train your muscles and body awareness to ground yourself.


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