My name is Karin, I am here for you if you want to show yourself as a leader: confident and soft, feminine and strong, as well as radiant and an expert in your field.

Since 2010 I have been supporting leaders to their magnetic radiance, more well-being and inner balance. Since then, I have been the only certified Senior Posture Walking Stylist in Europe to date.


It all started in Japan…

After graduating from high school, I lived in Tokyo for a voluntary social year to work in a retirement home. Although I danced and acted intensively, I had a hunchback (at 1.60m I looked even smaller and more insecure). This was probably so noticeable that someone wrote „hunchback“ in my profile as a point in the A-level paper. This made me think a lot, although my mother had often pointed it out to me. I could perform when dancing or on stage, but in everyday life I always fell back into my old pattern.


How attitude and posture change your life

Even before I went to Japan, I had heard about the „beautiful and elegant walking technique“ and attended a course with my instructor during my first weeks in Japan. Already during my first course I thought „this is it!“. Not only has my posture improved. I also feel more confident and positive. What is especially important to me: not only when I have to present myself somewhere. I feel good in everyday life.


Well-being in health management

As a management consultant and health manager, I have guided people to better health, while I myself had to struggle with a chronic illness. Not losing my inner balance despite rheumatic episodes and giving seminars for managers as a young woman was my inner strength. It’s never about what your circumstances are right now; it’s always about what you make of them.

And today…?

Today, I share this knowledge and leadership with other leaders who want embody their expertise in an impressive way and become an irresistible thought leader while balancing their inner and outer attitude. 

Once you understand that you yourself are the creator of your whole life, then you find security and peace within yourself that the outside can never give you. But your inner peace shows itself in your outer radiance. And through your outer attitude, you have an effect on this inner peace.

Would you like to learn more about how you can find the security within yourself to be able to cope with any situation – and to take good care of yourself while thriving personally and professionally?

Then I look forward to hearing from you! Send me a message!