The Attraction Switch Workshops

If you are a woman who is experiencing low energy, is stressed out and asking yourself why am I always tired or overwhelmed, then you are in the right place!


• get off the mental and emotional rollercoaster and stay in a high energy to shine as a powerful leader?
• learn how you can help yourself, clients and loved ones and navigate the situation in a more healthy and positive way?
• ground your energy and release pain and stress from sitting and coaching all day long?

Become powerful, radiant and vital while tapping into your feminine energy!

Group Attraction Switch Workshop (2 hours)



VIP Mentoring

Exclusive 1:1 mentoring and coaching for full support!

Get your 4 months exlusive VIP Mentoring 

Posture Walking

Posture Walking is a special walking style from Japan to show yourself with elegance, femininity, and confidence in EVERY situation in your life.​

Posture Walking Workshop (120 minutes)



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