Attraction Workshops

If you are a woman who is experiencing low energy, is stressed out and asking yourself why am I always tired or overwhelmed, then you are in the right place!

Become powerful, radiant and vital while tapping into your feminine energy!

What do you get?

Group Femininity Workshop (2 hours)


Group Attraction Switch Workshops (2 hours)

VIP Mentoring

You’ve achieved a lot, but you’re burned out, and something is still missing inside…something feminine, something softer, deeper, that is more authentically who you really are.

Get rif of hustle and pressure, welcome flow and ease!

What do you get?

Exklusive private 1-on-1 Coaching (3 months)


Special VIP Day - deep and intense (3-6 hours)

Posture Walking Courses

You already feel feminine but don't know how to express your radiance and gracefulness?
Walk the talk!

Posture Walking is a special walking style to show yourself with femininity and confidence in EVERY situtation in your life.

What do you get?

Group Basic Course 2 hours


Group Master Course 6x 90 minutes


I worked with women and men all over the world. People from Germany, UK, London, Dubai, USA, Russia, Hongkong and Japan.

I gave speeches, workshops and 1:1 coachings and feeling so fulfilled to work with amazing clients. Are you the next one?

What do your get?

Clients testimonials (videos)


Clients words (written)